A strong woman is whoever she wants to be

How do you define a strong person? The first words that come into my head are macho, dominant and confident. The first images that come into my mind are JESSICA JONES! men, body builders and corporate leaders. We’ve created such a widespread idea of what strong people are “supposed” to look like, alot of us don’t realise we all have individual battles that we fight every day, every month, every year. Is there really only one way to be a strong person?

Last year I was on the rougher side of my social anxiety. I struggled to leave my house without drinking alcohol (most days I just stayed at home and slept), if I went out I would stay awake thinking about all the things I’d done to embaress myself, then I’d think about things I did years ago then I’d come to the concludion that I’m just embaressing and worthless, I struggled to sleep at night without the light on and I self-harmed semi-regularly (for me) but now I only drink at parties, I actually want to go out and interacting with people, I haven’t self harmed since last year and I can sleep in the dark again. Even though my self esteem and confidence is still really low I’ve come such a long way, the main thing I’ve realised is that I don’t beat myself up about the things I do anymore or tell myself “I shouldn’t be this way”. I’m actually a really strong woman and I’m slowly starting to realise that the only person who can tell me who I am is me. In other words, a strong woman/man is whoever she/he wants to be.

Olivia Fleur

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